• Celebrating the spirit of feminism....
    The origin of a child is a mother… A woman.
    She shows a man what loving and caring is all about
    and that is the essence of a woman.

Our story

Envisioning better life for women...

‘Proud to be a woman’ is a brand rooted in women’s wear. Since a woman understands the comfort of another woman, our garments have been intricately designed by women with a great understanding of how women perceive comfort and fashion to be blended together artistically. As a result every garment bears a tag of fine craftsmanship fused with love, care and fashion. We do this through our 3-pillar philosophy; Empowerment ➔ Optimism ➔ Success

“From every garment you buy we donate for women welfare and empowerment”

At every step, we are carefully converting our ideas into actions. We are hopeful that it is going to make huge difference in the lives of women.

Vision and Values


“To help the women of India and the world enrich their lives and to make them independent and strong so as make them feel proud and successful about themselves”

Brand Values:

Graceful, Global, Thoughtful, Engaging, Strong, Confident and Optimistic. All these values define us. ‘Proud to be a Woman’ combines all these values and underlines the essence— ‘The spirit of feminism’ to reinforce the celebration of femininity across the globe. The strength of the brand lies in honoring these values cohesively through our idea of ‘Do as we speak’.

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